Our Communities

Iowa is filled with independent communities, where businesses thrive and people’s lives are busy. Local hospitals are essential to providing quality care in a timely fashion.

Iowa Specialty Surgeons, which is based in West Des Moines, has a long history of providing quality surgical care in rural Iowa. Fourteen years ago, Dr. Conte recognized the need for outreach to Iowans who live in communities that don’t have a surgeon. Collaboration with Des Moines metro hospitals fostered the beginning of outreach and providing local surgical care for many procedures. This has grown to encompass several communities and hospital systems, and is recognized as essential to modern surgical practice and training.

General Surgery

We offer competitive cash pricing for office visits and surgery with both Dr. Paul Conte and Dr. Timothy Mayfield We offer this to patients with high deductible insurance and no insurance. please call our office at 515-225-7001 for appointment and pricing.